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Improved synchronization algorithms when switching between offline and online mode.Additional item in the context menu for Outlook folders enabling quick sharing and un-sharing of personal folders. The name is used when granting access rights and when sharing personal folders.

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Use the Update-Public Folder cmdlet to start content synchronization of a public folder.

For information about the parameter sets in the Syntax section below, see Exchange cmdlet syntax (

Support for compressing data when sending to the server.

The feature especially useful when accessing servers over the Internet.

If you prefer, you can then show the public folder in your Favorites list in the Mail navigation pane.

Support for Windows Change: Change of item deletion logic in Outlook as the result of the item being deleted on another computer or revocation of access rights to a folder.

Microsoft has set the supported maximum amount of Public Folders that you can cache to 1000 folders or 1GB (whichever is reached first).

As a response to What is Outlook synchronizing now?

While you can’t directly change the sync order, you can still influence it by selecting the folder that you want to have synched.

Once Outlook is started and the cache has been updated, the synchronization is taking place based on timers and not on folders. Note 1: When Outlook is placed in “Work Offline” mode and you initiate a manual send/receive (keyboard shortcut F9), the currently selected folder does not have an affect on the synching order.

, the following was asked; In which order does Outlook synchronize the folder when it is configured in Cached Exchange Mode? There is indeed a specific order in which Outlook synchronizes the folders when you are connecting to an Exchange server with Cached Exchange Mode enabled.

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