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I believe that it states that he died on May 31, 1869 at the age of 64. The appearance of the vessel was changed dramatically. Wells City suffered a big gash in her side, & sank stern first opposite the Hoboken ferry at Christopher Street. In 1902, the vessel was owned by Michigan Steamship Company. 3, 1902, when the vessel was lying at the wharf of the Fulton Iron Works at Harbor View, San Francisco, in process of being converted from coal to oil burning, one of the oil tanks blew up, & the ship sagged in the centre ('she had broken in two'). 12 men were initially missing & 'a score were more or less seriously injured'.

Explosions continued, occurring with each roll of the ship. Lonsdale later landed the survivors at Talcahuano (coast of Central Chile). In 1908/09, per Lloyd's Register, the vessel was owned by 'Acties.

Fortunately Lonsdale of Liverpool, a fully rigged ship of 1685 tons, came into sight & some 7 1/2 hours later came close & stood by. The ship was clearly sinking, the weather was further deteriorating. Marcussen, Askeren), of Risr', Norway, while 1 says to Englehart Steam Ship Co. One by one, the Cornucopia crew was taken off, with great difficulty, by two lifeboats from Rask, which had spread oil to lessen the seas.

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In 1887, the vessel was sold to William Thomas & Co., of Liverpool & Anglesey. 1884), 6 (U-19), 7 (at page bottom, Patrick Henderson Line), 8 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). (But link 2 states originally owned by Patrick Henderson & Co.

14, 1904, the vessel left Garston, Liverpool, for Tocopilla (in northern Chile) with a cargo of steam coal, with Robert Thomas in command & a crew of 19 all told. 10, 1904, during heavy weather, the lifeboat & gig was washed away. 30, 1904, smoke was noticed forward, & three hatches were battened down including the ventilators, presumably hoping to starve the fire. #412), 4 (data), 5 (vessel at Port Chalmers, New Zealand, in Mar. Ltd.', of Southampton, who owned it, per Lloyd's Registers, thru 1889/90. 3 voyages to Australia (& possibly New Zealand) & one trip to Cape Colony, South Africa, between 1899 & 1903, under the command of Captain R.

Per 1 (wreck data), 2 (crew list for the 1874 voyage from Melbourne to Sydney). The vessel traded between Swatow & Sunderland with stops at ports in between. The vessel apparently had a permanent leak - a leak that was never found & required regular pumping. In 1882, the ship was transferred to The Shaw Savill & Albion Co. The vessel suffered significant damage while en route to Wellington, NZ, in 1894. It likely was late in 1895, however because in Jul. She may have ended her days as a hulk on the Thames river, however there is doubt as to the accuracy of the data. A friend of the site has forwarded 3 pages of Spanish text & an image (here, enlarged) data that he referenced Forfarshire, & apparently originated at Histarmar. I have added in the above builder names not because I know much about them, but rather because I spotted that one of the vessels that had been recorded later in the site as being 'builder unknown' was in fact built by 'Naizby'. coast of mainland Greece, to the Island of Corfu, also Greece. The vessel was towed from Copenhagen, Denmark, to the 'Kynossoura Dock Yard Ltd.' yards at Salamis, Greece, & rebuilt in the late94/Aug.96 period, a rebuild that took 20 months & cost about 5,000,000 euros. Anyway, it would appear that Beatrix was the very last ship built by the shipbuilder.

), who in about 1873 settled in Double Island, Swatow, now Shantou, Guangdong Province, China. Per 1 (Shaw Savill, Forfarshire), 2 (data & passenger list re 1873 voyage to Wellington, NZ, with 235 passengers), 3 (dates of 6 voyages to NZ), 4 (voyage details, 1875), 5 (see bottom ref. 4), 6 & 7 (images, ex Trove, Australia), 8 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). However, the Mercantile Navy List ('MNL') of 1880 lists the vessel as owned by Walter Savill of London & registered at Southampton. Presumably named for Mount Pantokrator (the word means 'almighty') the highest mountain on Corfu at 906 metres. The rebuilt ferry commenced ferry service from Igoumenitsa, on the W. In early 1870 at least, he was the Mayor of Newport. It is puzzling, however, that the vessel was recorded, as Lancelot, in Lloyd's Registers of 1874/75 & 1876/77.

Morison, Naisby/Naizby, North Eastern Marine Engineering, North East Shipbuilders, North of England Shipbuilding, Osbourne, Graham, page bottom (unusual vessel names). Magnus's son, also named Magnus, was born at sea on his father's ship in 1873. 11, 1874, the vessel left Melbourne for Sydney, New South Wales, & on Jul. It seemed initially that Magnus Linklater (who died on Apl. Derek Holcroft has kindly advised, however, (thanks! Any help you might provide re this Pallion shipbuilder would be much appreciated. I have listed Forfarshire, built in 1867, as being built by Oswald. In 1910 or 1911, the vessel, described as a 'pontoon powder-keg', caught fire & sank when loaded with 60 tons of gunpowder. Maybe this is, however, what finally happened to Forfarshire. That said, I have seen & thank this site (75% down), which records Wm. The passenger capacity was increased, it would seem, from 303 to 1,000. 22, 1885, the vessel ran the measured mile at 11 1/2 knots. 10, 1887, with Captain Weiss in command, the vessel was anchored off old Pier No. Have not read the circumstances anywhere, indeed WWW data about the vessel is essentially non-existent. They were the last firm left building ships at Hylton and survived until 1925.

And also, on one occasion in 1872 at least, voyaged to New York with tea ex Hiogo, near Kobe, Japan. Austin' was one of the members of the Austin family, but I cannot tell you which particular one it was. 'Where Ships are Born' informs us that 'some very fine ships were launched under the supervision of George and John Mills' and they specifically mention Judith Allan in that regard. Forfarshire made six voyages to NZ in years 1873 to 1890, & more to Australia. Ltd., of London, registered at Southampton (MNL in 1890). 4, 1893 Forfarshire rescued (extreme right column) the crew of Carl, waterlogged & derelict in the N. If I understand the material correctly, the hulk, then named Gulfo Nuevo was used to store gunpowder likely at Buenos Aires. We need your help to learn more about the above names. Stated to have been at High Ford Dockyard, a site occupied in 1863 by Reay & Naisby (we are asked to note the changed spelling), & later occupied by John Wigham & Sons Ltd. It became a conventional ferry (single ended), 109.2 metres long & 3,042 gross tons. Miramar advises that Beatrix came to its end in the 1890s, on fire on Sep. At 46.16S/77.19W, which is off the coast of southern Chile. Any help you might provide re this shipbuilder would be much appreciated. This site, 50% down the page, advises that 'Osborne Graham opened in 1871.

Dawn Scotting, who is researching her family history, advises that 'Linklater' was Scottish born Magnus Linklater (1837/? But, it seems that the builder, in fact, built one ship only i.e. A 3-masted composite fully rigged passenger sailing ship. In 1873, the ship was sold to Shaw, Savill & Company, & commenced voyages to Australia & New Zealand ('NZ'). Ltd.' ('Spyridon'), also of Piraeus, & renamed Pantokrator. to Thomas Beynon, who described himself in 1876 as 'a shipowner and coal merchant'. 1873 when it was completed & renamed the vessel Wye. Who provides the 2nd image at left, which demonstrates that the vessel was paid off, at Sheerness, on Sep. Image perhaps dates from 1907, a date that seems to be suspect. Richard adds that in the 1899-1901 period, when Richard's grandfather served aboard the vessel, the ship made several voyages calling at such ports as Portsmouth, Plymouth, Madeira, Las Palmas, Sierra Leone, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro & Ascension Island. At a date between the 1876/77 & 1878/79 editions of Lloyd's Register, the owner would seem to have become L. In that later edition however, the vessel was owned by, I believe, 'South Swedish Steam Ship Co.', of Malm, Sweden. 1881, the vessel left Newcastle for Malm with a cargo of coal, & a crew of 32 all told. Miramar dates the departure from Newcastle as being on Oct.

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