Ranger rules for dating my daughter

met Short through social media, where he started his claims of being a highly decorated soldier, who had been on multiple deployments and received high military honors (including the Purple Heart). says he repeatedly received discounts and financial benefits only available to members of Armed Forces. Personally I think he looks better in the above uniform, fits his character a lot better!

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Seems the Impersonating a Police Officer charges stem from allegations Short entered an apartment in which two people were having an argument, claimed to be a police officer and threatened to make an arrest, according to a warrant.

According to the release, if Short is found guilty in Hardin County, for that charge, the sentence would run consecutive to the time he’s required to serve by federal court.

If convicted at trial, Short faced a possible combined maximum term of 23 years in prison, a combined maximum fine of $500,000 and a ten year term of supervised release.

Sentencing is scheduled for October 15, 2013, at pm, in Louisville, before Judge Heyburn.

Only time we sleep in them is when we have to, on deployments or in the field! Sure would be nice to have a courtroom filled with REAL Soldier’s in their REAL uniforms!

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