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I wish that there was more reading in FRIENDS, but with new sitcoms being created in abundance, and the rise of geek culture, maybe we’ll get a new, bookworm comedy just for us bibliophiles.

I can imagine it now – take the classic formula of unrealistically pretty people in a big city, center it around their weekly bookclub meetings, and wait for the silliness to emerge.

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Now, let me just start calling networks to pitch it….

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Rachel, Phoebe and Monica all read a very girly self-help book, and become almost completely obsessed by it.

Their language changes to fit the (surprisingly complicated) metaphorical language of the book, they confuse the heck out of poor hapless Ross, and eventually they nearly ruin their friendship by arguing about who, exactly should go to the Goddess meetings.

Even worse, he breaks the cardinal rule of talking to a friend about the book you are both reading – No. Seeing that this is Monica’s book, it’s obvious that she does some reading, but like most of the others, we never really see or hear about it. The One With Mrs Bing (Season 1, Episode 11) Moving on to episodes that center around a book, rather than those that simply mention one: how about "The One With Mrs Bing," where we discover that Chandler’s mom is actually a hugely successful writer of "trashy" romance novels?

In all of the hundreds of shots we see of their apartment, no books are visible. When she comes to visit the group, we discover that Rachel is a big fan (surprising, maybe, but she’s actually the friend who mentions reading the most), and with a little encouragement, she decides to try and write one (hilariously typo-filled) book of her own. The One With Rachel’s Book (Season 7, Episode 2) Nearly six years later, Rachel may have given up her aspirations to write erotica, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t read it!Admit it, you’ve been binge-watching FRIENDS on Netflix. The show was a 90s sensation, and despite the characters being impossibly attractive people in impossibly large apartments, their navigation of life in their twenties is just as relevant now as it was then.Re-watching, I still relate to the trials and tribulations of everything from singledom to weddings, bad jobs to wonderful careers, and awkwardness to confidence, all with a little help from your friends. Every other scene sees the cast flipping through magazines or perusing the paper (remember newspapers? But a shot rarely opens to find Monica at Central Perk with a book, or Phoebe flashing her library card. Nevertheless, there a few episodes celebrating the joy of reading, and I took it upon myself to find the nine best ones. The One With The Cake (Season 10, Episode 4) By season 10, Joey’s apartment has finally gained a pile of books! But more than that, it reminds you that sharing stories with friends and family is truly a wonderful gift.Perhaps it was still seen as a little too nerdy in the mid-90s.Perhaps there is some element of legal difficulties and royalties – which would explain why the books mentioned by name are either classics or inventions of the show.Frankly, I wish that someone would write “Be Your Own Windkeeper” (wonder how much the rights to that title would cost…) just so that I could have a copy on my shelves.

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