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Some people might have the misperception that this type of service is only for elite circles or that it wouldn’t work for people who are looking for a religious-based dating experience.However, matchmaking is both accessible for a variety of income-earners and an ideal way to meet people who share your faith.

There are quite a few singles ministries in the area, most of which are hosted by churches.

You don’t have to be a member of the specific church to participate in their sponsored activities, though.

These can provide great opportunities to meet singles, and they can also be good support groups while you are single or dating.

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, but here are some Richmond-based singles ministries to give you a better idea of what they typically offer: Richmond has quite a few Christian Meetups and some are geared toward Christian singles.

Just remember to let things develop naturally, as church is not primarily a dating environment.

What’s more important than going to church is choosing which activities you are involved in.

Many of these groups host in-home parties and dinners, go to parks and local attractions, and head to movie theaters and bowling alleys.

These sorts of meetings will be preferable to something like online dating, because you get to be involved in large groups (which means less pressure) and don’t have to worry about no-shows.

There are traditional groups, some for young adults, and even one for LBGT Christians.

These can be a great opportunity to get to know other people with shared interests and values and participate in fun activities that go beyond the bar scene.

Look for classes and groups that are centered around your age group.

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