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"It was 7 years, like high school and college all rolled into one saying goodbye to each other."Danielle Fishel's goodbye to Mr.

Feeny was so touching, they didn't want to re-shoot it -- even though the actress' real-life tattoo was showing on the back of her neck!

Unfortunately, the clip has been pulled from You Tube.

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Entering seventh grade, Shawn gains a reputation around school for being a player and becomes one of the most popular boys in his class.

Shawn's mother, Virna, abandons him and leaves him homeless.

Highlights: Q: Is Rider Strong really your real name? I had hippie parents—that’s sort of the shorthand explanation. But now it sounds like an actor-y affectation or something. Q: The trivia section of your IMDb page states that you “enjoy backpacking, swimming, whitewater rafting, soccer, rollerblading, writing and reading poetry.” Can I borrow that for future dating profiles? ” And they changed it, and somebody else changed it back to five-three. Though, they did a great episode of with D&D, where James Franco shows up and he’s the cool guy playing D&D and he ends up being great at it. I think it’s easier to get my foot in the door, but it’s harder to be taken seriously once I’m there.

If I was going to be a girl, they were going to name me Sierra—so I would have been Sierra Strong. A: [Laughs.] That’s like my profile from when I was 13 years old. Who is this person who has an obsession with making me shorter? A: The ultimate goal is usually to get financing for a feature. We ran into a friend that we used to play D&D with, and we’re like, “We can’t tell anybody about this, but we should try it again.” None of us could remember the rules, so we invited a guy to come and he was pretty geeky. Q: Does being a former child sitcom star make it easier or harder to break into filmmaking? So I think that getting crew, for instance—people will meet with me.

His father, Chet, takes off after her, leaving Shawn alone.

Shawn moves in with the Matthews, but doesn't take well to following their rules, and runs away.Outwardly, Shawn is a rebel, giving him more of a "bad boy" reputation and a popularity boost; he is occasionally given to stormy emotional outbursts, but his closest friends know that these are due mainly to his familial circumstances, having lived much of his life with little or no parental guidance.Beginning in his middle school years Shawn is a skirt-chaser, usually never staying in a relationship longer than two weeks.Note: This article was originally posted in June 2013, when the cast reunited at the Austin Television Festival.To celebrate the debut of "Girl Meets World" tonight on Disney, check out our Now & Then gallery above -- and keep reading to see 15 Facts You Probably Never Knew about "Boy Meets World."The cast of "Boy Meets World" got back together on Friday for the first official reunion since the show went off the air in 2000 -- and they revealed a ton of secrets we never knew about the long-running TGIF staple.All of that self-hating geek insecurity was interesting to us. [It] gives more publicity to our film because I have so many Twitter followers, or whatever. As a child actor, what’s the fine line between being an Oscar-winning director like Ron Howard or turning to porn like Scotty Schwartz? The worst example is someone like Jonathan Brandis, somebody who was from my era and somebody that I knew. Predicting if where you are at in high school is going to somehow [determine] where you’re going to be at 30 is kind of pointless. And ABC was like, “We need twentysomethings on every show. They don’t realize—they were all in their 40s—they don’t realize that as a kid from the 80s, that is the only thing I would have known. He came to work one day and he said, “I just did an episode of They had a talking car and they brought me in.” We’re like, “You are the coolest person in the world.

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