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Our up-to-date catalogue boasts of the newest titles in the MMO, RPG, and MMO RPG genres. In some RPG games, you're a hero out to save the world from total destruction.

In others, you're a commander, a pirate, a wanderer, or even a furry animal.

If this is your first time trying out an online RPG, you'll be in for a treat.

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This financial flexibility is the ultimate appeal of a free online RPG.

You have absolute control over how much you spend on a given game.

Most free online RPG titles will never require you to shell out cash up front. Then continue playing the free online RPG without ever spending a single cent. When a company makes a free online RPG, it knows that a majority of its players have no plans of ever purchasing from their cash shop. They are banking on a small group of power spenders who will stay loyal to the game.

You can click the Play Now button and enter the game instantly. They earn by opening up voluntary cash shops -- these are stores where you can pay for extra items or services. If in the future, you decide to show your support to the developer or find a cash shop item to be a terrific investment, then you can spend a few bucks.

MMO Play has a smattering of free RPG choices each with a Play Now convenience.

One click and you're set for a new role-playing adventure.

MMO Play has a great selection of online RPG hits for you to choose from.

Many of them even have beginner guides that help you get started.

We do the heavy testing and research for you, so you don't waste time on trial and error.

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