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At the heart of the app is a cult figure named Scott, who hosts the majority of shows.Scott Rogowsky has become the default face of the app, and while other hosts sometimes fill in, Scott is undoubtedly the favorite.

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Fans can socialize prior to and throughout the live shows via an open chat log on the bottom of the screen.

With tens of thousands of players signed in at once, the chat messages can fly by, but nearly all messages are positive.

Rogowsky said he had planned to move to Los Angeles this fall and had even given up his Brooklyn apartment when he landed his big break with HQ.

When he got the opportunity to interview for the the job of host he thought, “What the hell? I figured I’m not going to pass on this thing that could be the future.”Rogowsky was no stranger to being in front of audiences—although none were as big as HQ’s.

Several hours later, we received an email from Yusupov stating that HQ was “not making Scott available to discuss his involvement with HQ with the media/press.” The reporter informed Yusupov that we had already interviewed Scott and that the story was nearing publication, but encouraged him to call us with any concerns. Yusupov, the CEO of HQ, called the reporter’s cellphone and immediately raised his voice.

He said that we were “completely unauthorized” to write about Scott or HQ without his approval and that if we wrote any type of piece about Scott, he would lose his job. “Scott could lose his job.”“Please read me your story word for word,” Yusupov said.

He also began making You Tube videos and one of them, a Super Bowl parody, went viral in 2009.

Rogowsky said that it opened his eyes in terms of the power of online video.“That’s when I pivoted to video,” he said.

He started doing standup in 2005 back when he was in college and moved to Brooklyn shortly afterward to pursue a career in comedy.

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