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Kuwert is also interested in why some women are particularly resilient after these experiences and do not suffer the same trauma.

november 1950 om beskyttelse av menneskerettighetene og de grunnleggende friheter som endret ved ellevte protokoll 11. mai 2004, med følgende tilleggsprotokoller: Endret ved lover nr.

But most agree that the problem was particularly acute in eastern Germany.

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Hauser, who recently won the Alternative Nobel Prize -- an international award given to those helping people in other disciplines than those recognized by the official Nobel Prize -- contacted Kuwert, he says, expressing hope that the project could help to break the taboo associated with the World War II rapes.

'Not Just from a German Point of View' Kuwert admits that the topic of German victims of the murderous war perpetrated by Nazi Germany, is a sensitive and at times ambivalent one in the light of the terrible suffering of "the primary victims," particular the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

"It's very difficult for Germans to classify themselves as some kind of victim of the war." There are many accounts of the SS and German soldiers raping women during the war and Kuwert emphasizes that he does not want to paint Germans as the only victims of sexual violence.

The nationality of the victim and the perpetrator is not the focus.

'Their Stories Will Be Heard' Whether or not the film is strictly accurate, it seems certain to open up the theme of World War II rapes to a much wider audience. The study has been in the planning stages for over two years and Kuwert decided to launch it officially on Monday to coincide with the release of the film.

"It's important to reach the women," he told SPIEGEL ONLINE.After invading and occupying large swathes of Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union -- and murdering tens of millions of people in the process -- the German army was retreating, and the Red Army was following hot on its heels, intent on revenge.Sweeping across German territory, many of the Russian soldiers burned, killed, looted. The Soviets, of course, weren't the only ones; soldiers from other Allied armies were also guilty of sexual violence as they moved into Germany from the West.With the events in question dating back 63 years, Kuwert knows that only a small minority of the women who were the victims of sexual violence in those months can be found.Encouragingly, however, since Monday his team has already been contacted by a number of elderly women who want to participate in the project. Kuwert is seeking to find out exactly what these women experienced, how the rapes affected the victims' quality of life and the extent of their trauma.There were hundreds of trials of French and US soldiers for rapes committed in the first months of 1945, though the British armed forces had fewer such cases.

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