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Galleria notices that everyone is getting involved in other activities except for her ("It's Over"), and eventually decided to take a train to Paris, where she can meet up with her father, Francobollo, and he will take her back home to Manhattan.

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Golan Yosef is a Dutch actor and dancer, who plays Joaquin in The Cheetah Girls 2.

Yosef came in 2001 for the Netherlands at the Eurovision Young Dancers.

Unlike its predecessor, which incorporated karaoke-like musical numbers, The Cheetah Girls 2 turned into more of a musical.

This is also the last film in the series to star Raven-Symoné.

Luc tells Chanel that she can stay in New York with her friends for her upcoming senior year.

However, the Cheetah Girls' dreams are in serious trouble.Then he went abroad for productions in the United States, Spain and France.In his film debut, the TV movie The Cheetah Girls 2, playing the role of Joaquín Yosef. He invites Dorinda out dancing with him and there is a friendship between the two.Here he formed a duet with Maartje Hermans in the choreographed dance performance by Ed Wubbe, Perfect Skin.He studied at the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam until about 2002 and during this time he danced along with various productions of The National Ballet.They have each other always prefer and just before the final kiss each other.

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