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Such is the nature of Los Angeles: because it is so spread out and its individual cities and neighborhoods are so distinct, the city is often thought of less as a cohesive whole than as a collection of disparate communities.Even some of the neighborhoods officially within the city of Los Angeles are so well-known that they are often thought to be distinct from the city, such as Hollywood, Van Nuys, Bel-Air, and Venice Beach, which sit astride officially independent municipalities such as West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills.

South Bay The beachfront and harbor communities of the county south of LAX, with popular surfing beaches, the picturesque coastline of Palos Verdes, and the launching point for ferries to Catalina Island.

Westside The affluent area of Los Angeles made famous by television and movies, where the elite of the entertainment industry reside.

As white flight created a very racially segregated inner city, the 1960s saw racial tensions erupt into the Watts Riots, a situation largely repeated in 1992 with the Rodney King riots, while crime and gang violence in the central city rose.

Nevertheless, the population of the city continued to grow, drawing a remarkable diversity of immigrants from throughout the Pacific Rim and Latin America.

After World War II, Los Angeles sprawled out even further into new suburbs, fueled by the construction of new freeways and arterial streets, with the streetcar network giving way before the popularity of the automobile.

This turned Los Angeles into the car-centric city it is today, with the infamous traffic jams and air pollution to go with it.

The discovery of oil in the basin and the completion of an aqueduct to provide a steady supply of water only accelerated the city's growth. Griffith was the first to film a motion picture in the city, heralding the arrival of Hollywood.

Filmmakers began arriving in the 1900s, lured by the area's climate and varied scenery, but also to flee Thomas Edison's litigious motion picture company, whose patents weren't enforced in the west. Soon, the vast majority of the world's film industry was concentrated in Los Angeles, making the city known throughout the world.

Nearby are the studios, shops, and entertainment of the Fairfax District.

Gateway Cities The mostly suburban and industrial southern region of the county, bordering Orange County.

Los Angeles continued to grow, drawing waves of job seekers during the Great Depression, and by the 1940s had the largest streetcar network in the world.

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