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Superman rediscovers the device on Warworld and (maybe not so smartly) brings it home with him.The Eradicator then messes with Jimmy Olsen, creates a Fortress of Solitude, pollutes Superman's mind, and opens up a gateway to the Phantom Zone.

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Though Superman throws it into the sun, it returns as an energy being with a body based on Superman's.

Eventually, the Eradicator would become a key figure in DC's #60 (April 1962) Long story short, Brainiac comes to Krypton and shrinks the entire city of Kandor, cramming it all into a bottle that can never be broken.

Supergirl had one of the more significant superhero deaths in mainstream comic book history, as her death was honored for nearly 20 years.

She now boasts a popular solo show on The CW, , Vol.

He corrupts one of the aliens' machines to maintain "Kryptonian culture," calling this device 'the Eradicator.' He ensures that no one but members of the House of El can control the Eradicator.

Interestingly, this device continues to be a thorn in Superman's side for years to come.Don-El, Superman's cousin, is the police chief of Kandor and gets caught up in the mix.Later on, Superman would obtain control of Kandor from Brainiac and restore the city and its citizens to their proper sizes.1 #2 (October 1981) As a well-respected member of the House of El and a direct paternal ancestor to Kal, Val-El will be remembered as an explorer.He discovered lands on Krypton that would be settled as Urrika and Lurvan, the two cities involved in the Last War.#460–461 (November–December 1989) Every family has a bad seed and Kem-El is the House of El's.

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