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“He’s an incredible illustrator with a real feeling for what works for kids,” Christiane explains.

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Because this, unlike every other map of the island, is aimed at your kids…

“The idea of a kids’ map came when my granddaughter came to visit us and we had to think about what activities – besides the beaches – were suitable for children,” explains the map’s author, Christiane Sternberg, a writer and journalist who, although originally from Germany, has lived in Cyprus for over a decade.

Do you remember when that CTO map of Cyprus was all we had?

It was so good, you’ve probably still got a copy in your car somewhere, even though you’ve been using Google Maps and GPS for years.

When you can see that the mountains are just 20 minutes from Limassol, it opens up new worlds…” While this allows older kids to explore the island semi-autonomously, and suggest places they might want to visit, Christiane suggests that it’s also of value to younger children.

“I imagine the parents and kids reading the map together, discussing their upcoming trip to Paphos, for example, and working out what there is en route that the kids themselves might find fun to do.” Then, of course, there are the follow-up activities, and as a writer, ex-teacher and grandmother herself, Christiane is only too aware of the hands-on involvement and local titbits that fascinate the young.

And that, I think, opens up new possibilities for spontaneity and discovery.

And,” she adds, “kids love the colour and the illustrations. They enjoy being involved in the decision-making process.

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