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History and images have been compiled from various sources including, among others, the 1987 National Register of Historic Places, Stack & Beasley's 1902 Sketches of Monroe and Union County, Union County Public Library (Patricia Poland, Genealogy & Local History Librarian), the Heritage Room Photo Collection, North Carolina Map Collection, Rootsweb - An Community and family histories.

The Monroe Residential Historic District consists of an irregularly configured area of approximately 181 acres extending to the east, south and west of the city's central business district.

In addition to residential uses, there are two churches in the district, one contributing and one non-contributing, a senior citizens center, a number of houses converted to commercial uses, and the three earliest sections of the Monroe Cemetery.

There are381 contributing and 90 non-contributing resources in the district.

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Larger houses on larger lots are generally set back farther from the street, regardless of age, but most houses in the district are set on the front half of their lot, creating a substantially uniform appearance.

Most areas of the district, particularly the major streets, are lined with mature trees, providing a further unifying element.

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