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The tutorial component continues the theme from second year with further writing exercises, a mock exam essay and popular science writing practice.

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Decision-making and the evolution of adaptive strategies of individuals, optimal strategy sets and habitat selection are also included.

Comparative socio-ecology including sexual and kin selection, reproductive strategies and social structure is considered.

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Assessment: 60.0% Coursework, 40.0% Examination Level: 6Timetable: Credits: 15.0Contact: Dr Elizabeth Clare Overlap: None Prerequisite: BIO209 (SBC264)Corequisite: None Description: In this module we look at advanced topics in experimental design, data analysis and science communication.

Topics covered include the design of large-scale studies, advanced data analysis techniques in R, and statistics which build on Research Methods and Communications I from the year before.You will also look at resource patchiness, predictability and productivity as determinants of individual and social behaviour.Assessment: 80.0% Examination, 20.0% Coursework Level: 6Timetable: Credits: 15.0Contact: Dr Yannick Wurm Overlap: None Prerequisite: BIO221 (SBS633)Corequisite: BIO223Description: Research in ecology and evolution has addressed many important issues as empirical and theoretical levels.Please note: Credits: 15.0Contact: Dr Bob Janes Overlap: None Prerequisite: BIO171Corequisite: None Description: Prerequisites: Basic Biochemistry (SBS017). The module will also touch on some marine vertebrates (eg pinnipeds [seals], cetaceans [whales and dolphins] and birds).This module covers a range of topics including: Chemical reactions - Biochemical logic. The module is entirely taught on a 10-day field course, with lectures covering functional morphology and evolutionary relationships complementing the practical work focussing on identification, classification, anatomy, ecology and behaviour.You will gain practical experience in the field and also observe researchers collecting scientific data for both terrestrial and freshwater aquatic ecosystems.

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