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In recent years large-scale pedophilia cases have caused much debate in the Netherlands regarding the way the justice system should deal with pedophiles.In 2010, a man in Amsterdam was arrested for abusing at least 87 children while working as a nanny.Not only because it’s illegal, but also because the current moral context surrounding the practice would be too hard for the child to cope with.

In 2007 the organization came under fire after a member published on its website photos of children of the royal family, including of the crown prince’s daughter, princess Amalia.

Then in 2011, former leader Ad van der Berg was sentenced to four years in prison for possession of child pornography, some 157,500 photos and videos, including 12,000 in which he could be seen posing.

Is there something Americans should learn from the Dutch about relaxed attitudes toward sex (and drugs — indeed, the Netherlands has more lenient drug laws than the U. Healthland spoke with Amy Schalet, author of I was born in the U. When I moved back to this country at 21, I was stunned to find out that teen pregnancy was a problem in the U. Growing up, I had not known of anyone [getting] pregnant.

The American AIDS rate is three times greater than that of the Dutch. For starters, two-thirds of Dutch parents report allowing their teenage children to have sleepovers with their boyfriend or girlfriend, a situation even the most liberal American parents would rarely permit.

But child psychologist Sanderijn van der Doef disagrees.

She admits children are aware of their sexuality at an early age, but “they can’t understand the consequences of their decisions, including those related to their sexuality.”At the height of its activities, Martijn had 650 members, published a quarterly magazine and hosted a website featuring chat rooms, forums, and news archives on pedophilia-related stories.

The report led to an investigation by the church which has found that up to 20,000 Dutch children may have been abused during that period.

Suspects and convicted criminals enjoy the right to privacy in The Netherlands; their last names are never revealed and their faces are partially covered in photos published by the media.

(The similarity of the names Marthijn and Martijn is a coincidence.)The group has been fighting a legal battle with the country’s Public Prosecution Service which has been seeking its dismantling since 2010.

Last year a court ruled that Martijn be banned on charges that it glorified sexual relations between adults and children.

Had they committed a crime, then it would have been easy to dismantle the organization, says Schutgens.

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