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There is no respect for people who live in the projects.

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Some of the most talented people I’ve ever met in my life. What do you say to people who feel that housing projects are like social black holes – that you can never evolve as a fully functional, productive member of society?

The first one I remember hanging around a lot was the Marcy Projects where Jay-Z was born and raised. It doesn’t mean the people were inherently that way from the beginning. But I thought it was a very organized place, because there were places for kids to play- lots of room to play, benches to sit on, a nice park by the river. I used to just sit there on the bench and look at the East River.

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With the assistance you get, for every penny you make, they’re taking a dollar. Do you feel that government housing gives underprivileged people a leg up?

At one point in time, public assistance really helped you move on.

Then as you get older, friends stray away from each other and become enemies. I miss my friends that are no longer here, whether they’re locked up or dead.

You get the feeling that the minute you tell somebody that you’re receiving public assistance, it’s a thumbs down.

That’s where I lived when I first came to New York. When I first got to New York, some of the greatest musicians I knew were living in housing projects. All black communities in New York were infested with heroin.

What would you say to people who think that housing projects are bad places to live? He has released two solo albums and still maintains an active performance schedule. What are your first memories of stepping into the projects of New York City for the first time? A lot of people didn’t want to move out because there was no reason to. But I know that it was just recovering from a very heavy heroin situation.

In housing projects, there seems to be an ever-pressing theory of “getting out and staying out.” But it appears that you have countered that theory. ” But that’s the only thing about here that was different.

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