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The Roman Dio reported that the Egyptians used boiled cabbage and cabbage seeds against hang-overs.The addition of a small amount of sea water to the wine was also practiced in order to improve the taste (according to Pliny) and prevent headaches (in the opinion of Athenaeus).

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There is the occasional allusion to what could be premarital sex in biographical inscriptions and Hekaib for instance doesn't seem to have experienced any moral qualms about it.

In the story Tabubu was less offended by the proposition itself but rather that she was being treated like a low woman of the street, though it may be doubted that a street walker would have been remunerated in such a handsome way.

" If one comes to seek you and talk with you, One finds you lying on the ground, As if you were a little child.

One effect of excessive alcohol consumption is the headache the morning after.

It is often unclear whether a word refers to rape or to adultery.

Rape, if that is what Ptahhotep refers to, was not acceptable, any opposition to having intercourse should be respected. Children indulged as well, even if it was just the somewhat weak Egyptian beer.Actually beer may have been safer for them than water or even milk which were often infected by germs.But a scribe warned his pupil: I hear that you are neglecting your writing and spending all your time dancing, going from tavern to tavern, always reeking of beer...If only you realized that wine is a thing of the devil...Premarital sex in rural societies is quite frequent, whether this was the case in ancient Egypt is unclear.

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