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Here are some tips for adding this awareness to your daily life. On campus, use the Student Nighttime Auxiliary Patrol (SNAP), a free campus safety escort service. during the Fall and Spring semesters and from p.m. UFPD & UF Student Government also offer another free safety app.Request a ride from the “Tap Ride” app found on both Google Play & i Tunes or via telephone at 392- SNAP (7627). “Tap Shield” is full of features designed to help keep you safe and offer you a way to text with UFPD dispatch if you need assistance.

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These ideas assume that sexual battery is motivated by sexual desire.

It is a violent crime, a hostile attack, and an attempt to hurt, humiliate, and control the victim. Sexual Battery is defined by Florida Law as oral, anal or vaginal penetration by or union with, the sex organ of another or oral, anal or vaginal penetration by an another with any object. Rape is sexual intercourse with a person against her/his will through force, threats, or intimidation.

A 1989 FBI study shows that there is no correlation between a victim who resists and the amount of physical injury she sustains.

71% of victims avoid being raped by taking self-protective measures, whereas of the remaining 29% only 8% escaped without being raped.

The problem of domestic and relationship violence on college campuses and in our country is of great concern.

Each year, thousands of people are injured, threatened and even killed as a result of violence perpetrated by someone the victim knows.

Men need to understand that they have the right and responsibility to communicate clearly–to say what they mean and want.

They need to trust their instincts and learn to stay out of risky situations. Become aware of your surroundings and stay tuned in for possible danger or threats to your safety. SNAP does not operate during UF breaks or during official holidays.

Remember alcohol and drugs dull your senses and judgement. The Situation – Perhaps you think sexual battery happens only in certain high-risk situations such as hitchhiking, walking alone at night, or going out socially alone.

It’s true that sexual battery can occur in such situations, but it also takes place in ordinary, seemingly safe places.

You are a victim of a crime if you have had unwanted sexual contact.

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