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Justin Welch briefly fulfilled the role, though he only lasted six weeks before joining the Crawley band Spitfire. To the band's surprise, it was answered by the Smiths’ former drummer, Mike Joyce.However, he turned down the job as he felt Suede still had to forge their own identity.Anderson said, "For the whole of 1991, A&R men wouldn't give us a second look." Through the end of 1991 and early 1992, Suede received a number of favourable mentions in the music press, receiving slots at shows hosted by NME and attended by significant musical figures such as the former Smiths singer, Morrissey.

Anderson soon became notorious for causing controversy, such as his infamous quote that resurfaced in interviews and articles in the following years, that he was "a bisexual man who never had a homosexual experience".

Following the success of the album, the band toured extensively in Europe, receiving major coverage by MTV.

The recording sessions for Dog Man Star were fraught with difficulty, and ended with original guitarist Bernard Butler departing the band after confrontations with the other members.

The album was completed without Butler, and the band toured the record with replacement Richard Oakes.

The band's fifth album, A New Morning (2002), the first following the collapse of Nude Records, was a commercial disappointment, and the band disbanded the following year.

After much speculation Suede reformed in 2010 for a series of concerts.In 1992, Suede were dubbed by Melody Maker as "The Best New Band in Britain", and attracted much attention from the British music press.The following year their debut album Suede went to the top of the UK Albums Chart, becoming the fastest-selling debut album in almost ten the magazine's 28 October 1989 issue seeking to fill the position: "Young guitar player needed by London based band. "Wonderful Sometimes" won Demo Clash for five Sundays in a row during 1990, leading to a recording contract with the Brighton-based indie label RML.After a series of gigs with an unreliable drum machine, Suede decided to recruit a full-time drummer.Suede are an English alternative rock band formed in London in 1989.

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