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and joined the cast of the Fox sitcom, Strange Brew in 2010, which was dropped as well.In 2012, Astin starred as Jesse Swanson in the musical comedy film, Pitch Perfect. Astin portrayed Jean Baptiste, the lead singer of Throat Explosion, on Glee.

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Astin grew up in Rockland County, New York along with a sister Brielle Lipstein and two brothers Jace Lipstein and Milan Lipstein.

Astin graduated from the Clarkstown High School North and then attended Stagedoor Manor performing arts summer camp.

"When you're young and you have no credits, no one will see you. After a year of…well, not much, Pritchard got a new agent, who led her to Spring Awakening. "I met Skylar [Astin] the first day of rehearsal and I thought he was so cute," she says, launching into the soap opera-ish saga of their teenage showmance. We spent an entire summer liking each other but not wanting to show it, so we would be really mean to each other.

So there's no truth to the stories about being discovered on My Space? It was hilarious," she giggles, "and everyone around us was like, ' Just like each other again! Part of me wonders if I would have survived this whole thing if I didn't have Skylar," she says thoughtfully.

' Then one night we went to dinner and talked the whole thing out—things we were upset about, things we had never talked about after we stopped dating—and we became friends again. We've been together a year now," she says with a dreamy smile. "I probably wouldn't have." Winning Ways: This "whole thing," indeed: The media hoopla surrounding Spring Awakening peaked in June when Pritchard watched her show nab the top prize as Best Musical at the Tony Awards.

"It was confirmation that all of the work and love and blood and sweat and tears that went into the show for the last eight years was worth it," she says of the big night. won [for Best Featured Actor in a Musical], we were literally jumping and screaming. It was insane." Feeling the Spirit: With Broadway success comes hordes of young fans wanting to show their love—"I don't know if I'll ever get used to it! "I got some hate mail from the preacher's wife from my hometown," she says, "telling me that I was going to hell and judging the character of me and my family.

I'm very thankful it did—I'm not complaining—but I'm ready to go back to music. It'll be crazy and really scary and ' Oh my god,' but so exciting!

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