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this is the most important reassurance I can take home." Nixon then softens. When the prime minister later learned that Nixon had called him an "asshole" after the meeting, he quipped: "I've been called worse things by better people." Despite the politicking, Timothy Porteous, Trudeau's executive assistant for five years, said the two men actually liked one another and Nixon even called Trudeau to express his condolences during one of the most difficult days of his life – the assassination in 1970 of his friend, Pierre Laporte, by the FLQ."The long-term goal is to move toward freer trade rather than more protection.

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That's the policy, there's no question about that." Later, however, he furiously cursed Trudeau in comments that were also captured on tape and released several years ago.

Okay so i understand that they want people to have their little safe space and all but it really just disappoints me that I'd get a 2 week ban for using the word " F*g" and other profanity which i understand is in their player agreement but we are not in preschool.

One tape features Nixon discussing, with his trademark profanity, how to deal with Trudeau before their chat on Dec. "I got the note, John, on what to say to this son of a bitch Trudeau," Nixon says to his treasury secretary, John Connally. I don't know where to lead him," Nixon tells Connally. and Canada are inevitably going to pursue their own interests ...

Indeed, throughout his subsequent conversation with Trudeau, Nixon seems to grapple at times to articulate his administration's intentions when it comes to trade relations with Canada. considers Canada a close friend – "you are terribly important to us," he says at one point – but is standoffish about making any commitments to him on trade issues. they have to do that," says Nixon, who hosted a White House dinner later that night in Trudeau's honour.

Players have the ability to mute others for a reason.

I would like riot to maybe rethink their ban and report system, i would be fine if i got a 2 week chat ban or couldn't chat, but 2 weeks is a bit much.Originally an apartment complex, our hostel is better equipped than most - there's no need to haul your bag up several flights of stairs when you get here, as we have an elevator!Also, when it's time to check out and you need a place to leave your bag, you can leave it in our luggage storage room free of charge."I think we're reassured by everything you've said, that this is temporary.This is not a philosophical approach that we want to keep you in a state of domination just because we want to protect our society now, and we'll go back to being more or less free traders ... (Bob) Haldeman, his chief of staff, he fumed: "That Trudeau, he's a clever son of a bitch." Trudeau's feelings for Nixon were apparently equally salty.Not just your time spent in the hostel, but in the beautiful city of Prague.

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