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While much of this was true, our collective stereotype of Communist life does not tell the whole story.

Some might remember that Eastern bloc women enjoyed many rights and privileges unknown in liberal democracies at the time, including major state investments in their education and training, their full incorporation into the labor force, generous maternity leave allowances and guaranteed free child care.

“After my divorce, I had my job and my salary, and I didn’t need a man to support me. Durcheva was a single mother for many years, but she insisted that her life before 1989 was more gratifying than the stressful existence of her daughter, who was born in the late 1970s.“All she does is work and work,” Ms.

When I was her age, we had much more fun.”Last year in Jena, a university town in the former East Germany, I spoke with a recently married 30-something named Daniela Gruber.

Her own mother — born and raised under the Communist system — was putting pressure on Ms.

But there’s one advantage that has received little attention: Women under Communism enjoyed more sexual pleasure.

A comparative sociological study of East and West Germans conducted after reunification in 1990 found that Eastern women had twice as many orgasms as Western women.

Gruber to have a baby.“She doesn’t understand how much harder it is now — it was so easy for women before the Wall fell,” she told me, referring to the dismantling of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

“They had kindergartens and crèches, and they could take maternity leave and have their jobs held for them.But they had less sex, and less satisfying sex, than women who had to line up for toilet paper.How to account for this facet of life behind the Iron Curtain?Consider Ana Durcheva from Bulgaria, who was 65 when I first met her in 2011.Having lived her first 43 years under Communism, she often complained that the new free market hindered Bulgarians’ ability to develop healthy amorous relationships.“Sure, some things were bad during that time, but my life was full of romance,” she said.Russia extended full suffrage to women in 1917, three years before the United States did.

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