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The Grammy Award-winning musician/designer/mogul was caught off guard by an extensive highlight reel that played during Monday’s BET Honors show, where he was set to receive the night’s biggest honor, the Visionary Award.

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And the follow up to this one is, “Can I borrow your cell…again? Or, have you received a one-liner so lame that you still can’t believe it?

Hopefully it’s faster than the drink that’s coming right towards your face. I think I need to call heaven because they’ve lost one of their angels. The Killshot: talk about marriage in the first 9 seconds. Have you ever delivered a message to a prospective partner that died before it arrived?

En une soirée, vous rencontrerez en tête à tête de 7 à 10 parisiens ou parisiennes pendant 10 minutes...

C'est le rendez-vous idéal pour rencontrer de façon rapide et sympathique des ami(e)s et/ou l'âme soeur tant recherchée sur Paris et dans toutes les villes voisines Versailles, Rambouillet, Mantes la jolie, Pontoise, Saint Denis, Marne-la-vallée, Nanterre, Bobigny, Meaux, Creteil, Evry, Palaiseau, Melun, Fontainebleau, Chantilly...

Excuse me, but I’m new in town, can I have directions to your place? A great follow-up to this one: “I just arrived with the carnival, and…” 4. Goes well with, “I don’t really want to talk to you, but my parole officer says I need to meet new people.” 5.

Triple threat here: (1) blurting (2) introducing your mommy issues (3) double-ridiculous setup: you really don’t have your own cell phone? Can I get your picture to prove to all my friends that angels really do exist? We have the power to create worlds and the power to destroy worlds with our words. ” We learned that Sarah and Avraham “created souls in Haran” through their use of speech and by imparting the compelling words of Torah to the pagans of their time.In the world of shidduchim, the misuse of words has become an indisputable problem.One might wonder about the seemingly unrelated juxtaposition of these two sections. Shira Smiles points out an inherent connection between the two: they are both expressions of bris in the body, the former bris mila and the latter “bris halashon”, the covenant of the tongue.While parents have the enormous power of creating offspring, so to do we all wield great power through our use of speech.Have you ever been the victim of one of these show-stoppers?

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