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Madeline knew it was time for a change—she needed stronger boundaries.Boundaries can be defined as the limits we set with other people, which indicate what we find acceptable and unacceptable in their behavior towards us.

Explain your experience there and suggest an alternative.

Is someone asking you to do work you have no pleasure or need to do?

If you have asserted yourself and made it clear to another person that he or she is not respecting your boundaries, it is okay to ignore correspondence from that point forward. Usually, it's incredibly difficult to change as a person, but not impossible.

Remind yourself of your own worth, and that no one has the right to make you feel uncomfortable or take your self-defined space away from you. Find a person who won't get mad at you, and they're asking for something small, try it out. Its so hard at first, but I can't even remember the first time I said no! I suggest starting small and in a non-threatening way (I mean non-threatening in reference to yourself, your value system, and your general modus operandi).

In addition to finding a strong sense of self-worth that existed apart from the value judgements of others, she also needed to learn how to set boundaries. Clearly define what your intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual boundaries are with strangers, work colleagues, friends, family, and intimate partners.

To start setting your boundaries straight, try these four things. Examine past experiences where you felt discomfort, anger, resentment or frustration with an individual.

Intimacy includes emotional and spiritual connectedness as well as physical connection.

Dating couples grow more and more intimate as they become more serious about the relationship.

A dictionary definition of intimacy talks about close friendship, deep emotional connection, and sexual involvement.

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