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Howard gave her a 4 because she had revealed some worse stuff in the past.

Boots was upset that if he promoted it to do them on one day, he should have done them all on the same day. Lisa G from Howard 100 News came in and gave them an update on what they have coming up today.

She said they'll have the rest of the revelations, Benjy going to try out for ''The Biggest Loser''... '' Lisa said they'll also be running the interview with George Takei's partner.

Howard told Robin that she has to stand up and talk about her revelation just like everyone else has done or she has to leave the studio. Artie said that he'd like to hear the story but so far there's only been two good ones, the abortion and the cheating. Artie said that he's going to be carrying the show with his revelation so she'd better start talking.

Robin said that she was a young girl and she would wake up in the middle of the night so horny that she would use meat and vegetables.

day today so they played a new special called ''This Date in Howard History'' (TDi HH) instead.

am Howard and the crew are off for Martin Luther King Jr.

Robin fessed up to it and said she wasn't going to talk about it if the plastic surgery story is still in there.

She wants to hear about that before she'll talk about the meat and vegetables.

Howard said that Robin has always talked about how sexual she is.

She continued on and said that she was so horny at 19 or so that she'd be on fire. She said she'd look at things like bottles and anything else she could put in there.

He took a call from Joey Boots who said that he was kind of disappointed in the show yesterday.

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