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Measure attendee satisfaction with this post-event feedback survey, designed in partnership with experts at Eventbrite.

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Unless you’re asking for contact information, be sure to let your guests know their event survey answers are 100% anonymous.

In order to gain the most insight, you want to be sure that they feel comfortable complimenting (and criticizing) the event.

I believe that because it has become so easy to find, talk to, and meet up with someone, there is little risk involved and therefore less effort to create real connection.

You meet up with someone to make small talk for a few hours hoping to convince them that you are a fascinating, charming person.

Send out a simple RSVP questionnaire to get the names, addresses, the number of people, and any other information you need to accurately plan your event.

You can also use surveys to ask about people’s availability if you need help setting a date.

Send a survey to invitees to get an accurate headcount and tailor your event according to their preferences.

Do you plan fundraisers, conferences, parties, or weddings?

Incentivizing your respondents to give feedback can be a good idea, but keep this in mind: If you offer everybody survey rewards, attendees may rush through your survey without giving much thought to responses.

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