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A resource kit for those interested in using communication to bring about social change, the book highlights community media experiences and skills, and addresses ways to provide a perspective from the South.

This book is a must for all those who work with others on participatory learning and change.

The study looks at caste dynamics, health impacts and the lack of accountability to the sewerage workers by a apathetic government and administration.

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At the dissemination in Delhi, the panellists identified themselves as farmers who were marginalised because of their caste, gender and relationship to land among other things.

They analysed the respective State Action Plans on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals related to agriculture and climate change and evolved an action plan on climate change from the perspective of agrarian communities. A Study on Occupational and Health Hazards and the Perils of Contracting Faced by Sewerage Workers in Delhi Down the Drain is based on a study on occupational and health hazards faced by sewerage workers in Delhi, especially those who work as contract laborers.

It provides ideas and options for facilitators, trainers, teachers and presenters.

In short it works for anyone who organises and manages workshops, courses, classes and other events for sharing and learning.

One sultry night in July 2007, the embankments around the Kamalabalan river in Darbhanga district of Bihar crumbled yet again.

In the span of a few hours, lives and livelihoods, hopes and aspirations were washed away by a preventable, man-made disaster, leaving villagers in a swamp of debt, disease and displacement.

The Avahan initiative by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) in India looked at its community groups as vehicles for delivering effective targeted interventions as well as a means of empowering them.

Over the years, given the societal stigma faced by its constituent communities – female sex workers, transgenders, men who have sex with men and injecting drug users – the significance of community mobilisation has increased.

Millions of migrant workers from Bihar and other poor states of India live in conditions of abject deprivation, vulnerable to attacks on their human and labour rights for reason except that they are poor and cannot influence policy makers an implementers.

The film is a journey through the triumphs and trauma faced by migrant workers in their states of origin and destination.

Community mobilisation has been a common vehicle for externally engineered development interventions since a couple of decades, though for differing purposes depending on the ideological foundations of these interventions.

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