Things to know about dating a journalist

When building relationships, you can offer your resources and connections to journalists.

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Another caution that many journalists share is to contact them on the proper platform.

For example, Facebook is rarely seen as an appropriate social network to contact journalists but Twitter, Linked In and Google may be.

In the context of Slow PR, social offers a means to stay up-to-date on journalist interests and to share low-key social interactions.

Morgan Norris of Trew Marketing says that the ideal tone for social media interactions is casual: “Keep your social media engagements with the press informal and genuine, regardless of the topic, if you want to build strong relationships with the press that go beyond just your professional expertise.” Bloggers are oftentimes responsive to blog comments as well, which is another way to interact while being respectful of time and context.

Of course there are plenty of similar tools meant to make your profession easier.

You (hopefully) won’t be surprised to know that technology is fallible, though.At most, you might be able to snag a coffee with them sometime, but don’t set high expectations.” This is an important perspective about Slow PR: without anything relevant to pitch, a PR practitioner is not explicitly useful to a journalist.Similar to a first date, PR practitioners need to be cognizant of a journalist’s time and of their preferences.Read almost any journalist’s advice to PR practitioners and context is likely to come up: “Read the writer’s prior articles.Thoroughly.” – Cheryl Conner, Forbes “If it’s something that’s generally not my beat, I’m just not going to respond,” – Melanie Eversley, USA Today “It still happens too often that I receive info from PR agencies that is completely useless for me.” Harvard Business Review reports that major news outlets generally get three times the average amount of email in pitches alone.The difference being that you are reacting to the needs of a journalist rather than pitching a specific PR story.

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