Troy aikman dating sandra bullock

The marriage was first for Sandra but it was not same for her husband. Everything was going perfectly, but, unfortunately, the couple got divorced on 28 June 2010 and the reason behind their divorce was reported as Jesse James' extramarital relationships with other women.

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Her relationship with her Gravity co-star George Clooney was recently put under the spotlight.

However Sandra previously insisted their relationship is platonic and joked about her late night drunken phone calls to him."You know what?

The brunette star began an adoption process with ex Jesse in 2010 and gained custody as a single parent.

She wants to make sure things are settled before revealing who Troy really is to the youngster."Sandra hasn't introduced Troy to Louis as anything other than mommy's friend," the source added.

d announcing crew, teaming with Joe Buck and (from 2002–2005) Cris Collinsworth.

Aikman received an Emmy Award nomination for his television work in 2004 and has helped broadcast two Super Bowls (XXXIX and XLII) to date.

However, their relationship lasted only for a score.

Their marriage faced lots of turmoils leading to divorce in the year 2010.

I'm so embarrassed for him because I think he's showing his vulnerable side. But then he wants the commitment and the marriage and I'm like 'Dude, I don't have the time.'"And then he's all 'But I'm not a one night stand kind of guy.' Well, then, I can't.

Academy Award and Golden Globe Award winning actress Sandra Bullock is a prominent face in the American film industry.

She has defined herself not just as a talented actress but also as a film producer.

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