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Wait for the Firewall window to open and then click “Allow an App or Feature through Windows Firewall”. Enable i Tunes for private network and public network whereas selects Bonjour for private only.If you do not find the software in the list, click on “Allow another App/program” and now browse to locate i Tunes and Bonjour.Once located, click “Add” and then click “OK” and exit the firewall.

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If i Tunes will not open even now, go ahead and reinstall the software on your PC. Re-install the i Tunes software This is considered as the most tedious way to troubleshoot the i Tunes not the opening problem.

Re-installing might be time-consuming and cumbersome but has a fairly good success rate to solve the given error.

Now open C: and delete all folders as shown in the screenshot below.

You may also empty the recycle bin before reinstalling the i Tunes software to your Windows PC from Apple’s official website.

A common problem faced by Windows and i OS users is i Tunes not opening on their Windows computer.

This is rather strange because i Tunes is compatible with Windows 7 and later versions.

i Tunes will now open with a pop-up saying “i Tunes is running in Safe Mode.

Visual programs you have installed have been temporarily disabled”.

If i Tunes open using Safe Mode and functions smoothly, all you got to do is remove all non-Apple third-party external plug-ins and try launching the software again normally. Disconnect PC from all internet networks To prevent i Tunes from contacting with Apple servers which may be causing the error, just follow the steps given below to disconnect your computer from all internet networks and try opening i Tunes again: Switch off your Wi Fi router or simply disconnect the connection from PC by visiting Control Panel.

If you are using an Ethernet cord to connect to a network, unplug it from your computer. If i Tunes runs normally, you know for sure that you need to upgrade your PC drivers which are nothing but software which allows your PC to communicate with the hardware.

This method successfully eliminates files which cause the problem of i Tunes not opening.

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