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the treaty provides for noninterference with national technical means verification such as reconnaissance satellites, ground stations and ships.this provides us with an independent method of gathering information that can assist in validating data declarations.

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while poe lemtry is not needed to verify the positions of this treaty, the terms nonetheless call for the exchange of telemetry.

i'm confident the new treaty will in no way compromise america's nuclear deterrent.

i'll be happy to discuss the article in the "new york times" this morning about the sm-3 missile.

as the administration's missile defense plans make clear, we'll continue our capability to defend ourselves, our deployed forces, and allies and partners against lipids threats. furthermore, the new start does not restrict our ability to develop and deploy prompt global strike prompt conventional strike capabilities that could attack targets anywhere on the globe in an hour or less.

maintaining an adequate stockpile of safe, secure, and reliable nuclear warheads requires a reinvigoration of our nuclear weapons complex, that is our infrastructure and our science, technology, and engineering base.

to thend the department of defense is transferring .6 billion to the department of energy's national nuclear security administration through fiscal year 2015.

throughout its negotiations, secretaries clinton and gates ensured that professional military perspectives were thoroughly considered.

during the development of the new start treaty, i was personally involved to include two face-to-face negotiating sessions and several telephone conversations with my counterpart, the chief of the russian general staff, regarding key aspects of the treaty.

chairman, senator lugar, distinguished members of the committee, i'm pleased to add my voice in support for ratification of the new start treaty, and to do so as soon as possible as we are in our sixth month without a treaty with russia.

this treaty has the full support of your uniformed military.

the primary threat to the effectiveness and considered as readibility of the american deterrent is one that we control ourselves and that is failing to invest adequately in our nation's nuclear weapons infrastructure.

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