Who is korean singer rain dating

Rain, I think it's time you put out a killer movie, where you aren't holding back so that certain people that call themselves your fans won't be offended.

I had the pleasure of watching your last television drama "My Lovely Girl" and it was nice but I feel strongly that you could have had a stronger female lead than the one cast.

Not that the young lady couldn't act, just needed someone more mature..an actress that could convey it sincerely, which was missed a lot in that drama....someone like Gianna Jun (actress from The Thieves, Berlin Files, Love From Another Star) Aside from that, I feel that you did a lot of work to carry the script, which wasn't well thought out toward the end.

Oppa i want to see u so close, im fallin in love since i saw your hairstyle without ponytile in shes so loveable korean drama. Oh oppaaaa i want to kiss uuuu:* i really crazy in love with uuuu...

I saw him, in Ninja Assassin these days before, and I've started to research about him!

and my god i fall inlove with you and you make me a fan ..there will be a project of you with Lee Min Hoo or a filipina leading lady..to see will have more project....

What can I say except you are a brilliantly beautiful artist.Moving on, I hope to see you in a true movie comeback, your part in "The Prince" was too small and to obvious.I know it was just another opportunity to get your feet wet with American cinema/films...you were better in Ninja Assassin.I wouldn't say attractive, but interesting enought to look at him. Well, it's been several months since Ji-hoon a/k/a Rain Bi has been released from the military, and all of his "die-hards" couldn't be happier....right, right. :-) I could never imagine, that he is so famous in Asia.. Rain would be great if he starred in an action/romance. So, I've been looking forward to what he will release next as a movie, and it looks to be a thriller/action type film with no other than Bruce Willis.... I love you so much and I wish all the best for your military training. He sings from the heart and I can feel it in his songs, I think that is very important as an artist. its like u r careless but doing each and every thing in a good way lover boy... love, Selvi congratulation rain your drama "diamond lover" has reached 1.8 billion views in china and rating are going good as well. rain I hope all drama and movies you do become successful like diamond lover and ninja assassin.

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