Who is matthew rhys dating

The Annales Cambri, said to have been compiled originally in 954, represents the oldest register of events in Wales.The version of the 12th century "Brut y Tywysogion" (Chronicle of the Princes of Wales), published with English translation in the Rolls Series in 1860 by John Williams, was incorporated into the Red Book of Hergest, a manuscript compilation of numerous 6th to 15th century literary works written in the Welsh language.Of course I remember that.'"Rhys left her a "drunken voicemail," but Russell didn't call him back."You were that buffoon that wouldn't stop calling," she joked. Love happens when you least expect it—like at a kickball party.(E!

The main Welsh primary sources so far consulted in the preparation of the present document are the Annales Cambri, the Chronicle of the Princes/Brut y Tywysogion, and the so-called "Gwentian Chronicle".

Numerous extracts from these works have been incorporated, although it has proved difficult to identify all Welsh persons who are named, particularly for the later years.

"I very drunkenly asked her for her number when she was a young, single, slip of a thing, so I sort of knew then when I was 26."While sipping beers on the late-night show, Rhys and Russell continued to tell their love saga.

The Welsh actor admitted the entire exchange took place in a parking lot, which he jokingly described as "very romantic.""She asked me to open a beer after a kickball party," he added.

A source told that the duo, who have been the subject of secret relationship rumours for months, are definitely dating.

An eyewitness also said they were very affectionate and held hands during the performance, before leaving the theatre together.

It all involved some kickball and lots of beer."We did all the readings together and all the things, and after a heavy dose of fight training, all sweaty, at lunch, you said, 'Oh, you know we've met before,'" the 41-year-old actress recalled.

"I said, 'no we haven't,' and you said, 'yeah, we've met before, like 10 years ago at kickball.' As soon as he said that, I knew exactly what [happened] and I opened my eyes, like, 'oh!

We CANNOT wait to see how Keri's Brit beau romances her next!

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