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And those characters weren't quite grown enough to be in a relationship in a funny, light way. "Heart of the show" doesn't make their romance sound like some light, throwaway plot point that was necessary for Nick's character development before he ended up with Reagan — it makes it sound like the destination the whole series is heading towards.

She goes on: We're trying to figure out a way to reintroduce the dynamic but in a new way.

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It seems as though the central theme this season is Jess finding herself while also trying to juggle her personal life. Ever since she and Nick broke up, she's gone through a vicious cycle of men who aren't suitable matches.

On New Girl Season 5 Episode 15, Jess had to deal with the decision she made in dating Sam again. It was pretty amusing watching Nick and Sam try to out-do themselves when Jess was talking about her trip to buy a car.

Reagan's just there as a plot point to create that much-loved tension between the pair. I'm calling it now: before the end of Season 6, our favorite New Girl couple will be back in each other's arms.

We got a double dose of New Girl and I'm starting to see how they are going to finish off this season.

It's becoming repetitive and irritating watching this back and forth.

Like I said about New Girl Season 5 Episode 14, there's absolutely no reason to get behind Jess and Sam as a couple.

I was happy to see Jess finally get fed up and decide to go after what she wants.

I'm really enjoying this new version of Jessica Day.

I don't know how you're interpreting the above, but it looks pretty clear to me.

Reagan's character and presence in Nick's life will be used as a catalyst to speed up Jess realizing that she still has feelings for Nick.

One big clue is the fact that, in "Wedding Eve," Sam admits he's got feelings for Diane. Sam being in love with someone else seemed to take away the guilt factor of audiences rooting for Jess and Nick, whereas Sam's description of being in love with his best friend felt like sneaky dialogue foreshadowing of what we expected to take place in the following episode.

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