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As a fellow anxiety-sufferer, I am right there with you about living-in-the-moment.

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If you ever have a baby, the whole multi tasking even goes to new levels and the anxiety then goes to, but am I doing enough for my child…it’s such a vicious web!

And I am soooo glad you shared what you did about therapy.

I can relate to the post-school anxiety issues…it can be a big transition period, but also, a new and exciting chapter in your life to begin. I forget to enjoy the opportunities and experiences I am having in the now! His reaction almost always cheers me up:) I hope you are able to find comfort from him being by your side! I definitely needed this reminder in my life right now. =) Reply As much as I would never wish anxiety on anyone, it’s so nice to hear that I’m not the only one (I feel like it sometimes).

I’m finding that I’m getting wrapped up in all the wrong things and then wondering why I feel so stressed out! I worry about the future and what might happen often. I can almost feel the relief you felt pouring from my computer monitor (the release you had must have been REALLY powerful! I love the honestly you have always brought to your blog.

I dramatize everything in my head and as a result spend so much time in the future that I don’t appreciate the now. I also wanted to pass along to you one of my favorite websites that helps me take a deep breath and live in the moment: worth checking out if you haven’t already done so. Reply “I can laugh about it with Eric when I tell him what I’m anxious about and the look on his face makes me burst into laughter, realizing how ridiculous my worries sound out loud.” – Brian provides this same thing for me… I will be using that, thank you :) Eric is my calm ocean breeze.

sometimes just telling him how I feel (when I’m feeling anxious) and watching his face change as I speak, I realize how silly I am being. I’ve also learned that the more I voice my anxieties to others, the more easy the can be disproven.I’m so grateful to have a husband that ‘balances me out’ and reminds me to stop (as he calls it) ‘death spiraling’… TALK about it and get it out there so I can stop worrying about it or realize I’m just over thinking things… It helps remind me that I’m not the only one out there who struggles with these things. Even writing it down on paper and looking at it helps! I can relate to this so much ~ in fact I swear you were talking about me!My husband often says that I worry so much about what ‘might’ happen that I miss what actually IS happening!!I decided to take some time off and I’m happy with that choice, but lately my days are filled with anxiety about the future.I don’t know where I’m going to apply to college when and if I go back. But, as you said Angela, the key is to spend as much time as possible in the present, and then just take small steps to move forward in taking the next big step.Sometimes I keep myself up at night over the most ridiculous scenarios that I put in my head (what if someone’s car breaks down on the way to my wedding for instance). Whenever I organize something in my apartment or finish up laundry, I feel amazing. I also deal with anxiety regularly, and it’s something that I’ve really been trying to deal with lately, especially since it really does impact how happy I am on a daily basis.

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