Would british guys dating american girls fun dating quiz

“I like that American women usually are more open-minded to different themes of conversation,” shares Karolis from Lithuania.

Arnold was traveling on the trans-Siberian railroad from St.

If you ask a European what their heritage is, you'll likely get one answer. [For instance], you'll quickly learn that they are 45 percent French-Canadian, 30 percent Danish, 15 percent Polish, and maybe 10 percent South African.

It's fascinating to me to learn about the different parts of the world that are all part of the genealogy of one single person.

Petersburg to Beijing when he crossed paths with his now wife.

“We met in Mongolia when we stayed at the same hostel.

From Ireland and France to those hailing from Austria and Germany—each shared with me what they love about American women.

Of course, these are generalizations, based only on a handful of experiences, but what they said might make you blush, nonetheless.

I find this appreciation for diversity and heritage to be ' American.'”Tomás, who's from Spain, has benefitted from the cultural sensitivity and openness of his wife who is from New York.

“I have met all kinds of people I would not have met otherwise.

She's usually louder than me and always the life of the party.”The three men I interviewed from the UK had a different perspective on the generalities of female American humor, however.

“American women (and American people in general) seem to take themselves a lot more seriously than the British do.

Brits have a very unique self-deprecating sense of humor that Americans can’t quite seem to grasp,” shares Ruaridh, who’s from London.

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