Wpf binding not updating

I put together a demo app which shows how to do this.In the demo, the rapidly changing data source is called Random Number Engine.

Upon closer inspection I discovered that the object we were binding to was an delegate and you would think all is well.

You of course would be wrong, here is what happens when the Shopping Cart raises a property changed event.

I think the basic idea is that an entity in his system which is not “started” will be displayed as a “Start” button, and an entity which has already “started” will be displayed as a “Stop” button.

Each button’s Command is set to a custom command to “start” or “stop” the entity, and the button’s Command Parameter is bound to the entity itself.

My problem involved a read only property that was not updated in the UI even though the property changed event was being raised.

It worked fine when I first created the object, but after loading it at a later time the updates didn’t work anymore.

Before we start I will mention you can get the full gist here: https://gist.github.com/906916 First up we need to create a new version of the . I would like to thank Ioannis for a blog post he wrote related to this problem which included a solution although it didn’t fix my problem did point me in the right direction.

Data binding establishes a connection between the application UI and business logic. You no longer have to write code that updates your UI or pass values down to your business logic.

Unless you are constantly checking every UI element and monitoring the output window for binding errors, you will not always catch that you have a data binding problem.

An exception is not thrown when data binding breaks, so global exception handlers are of no use.

Binding the Command Parameter property to the entity makes it easy to access it when the command is executed.

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