calcuttadatingonline com - Wsvr0026i error occurred while validating product license

You should familiarize yourself with any license or use terms of, and the privacy policy and security practices of, the third party resource, which will govern your use of that resource.

is a generic error message that is triggered when the activation of a Smart Ware Pro License fails. NET corruption, but could be caused by network related issues. NET Framework is a programing language created by Microsoft to run applications on a Windows Operating System.

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I'm almost down to remaking all 7 projects in this solution, which will take me a hours to do, and does not guarantee a result.

Suggestions are welcome before I begin sacrificing a small cuddly creatures to the Gods.

Only method to identify the failure cause is remove the project and see if deployment project is building or not. I have included reference of all referenced project and deployment project built fine.

If you have worked through the standard troubleshooting steps and were not able to resolve the issue, Contact Us for assistance.

Once you find the project, people say to remove all references, and re-add them (this fixes any pathing issues that seem to be the primary cause of this error).

In fact, I've done it to all projects in the solution, just for good measure. I have Googled for about five hours, I have not found any other suggested solutions.

When I try to build my setup project, I get the following error: "An error occurred while validating.

HRESULT = '80004005'" (And Microsoft wins an award to clarity.) I Google to find that a small army of developers have had the same problem.

Really the error should read: "Could not find a reference in one of your projects." Everyone states (even on Stack Overflow) how to find the project with the broken reference: I do that, find the 80004005 error appears for my main executable project and the main class library project.

Since the main executable project references the main class library project, I assume the issue is in the main class library project.

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