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That is the most humiliating thing another man can do to a cuckold like myself.

Accepting the sperm of another man is the ultimate form of cuckoldry.

Unable to move, I eat the meal her bull has left and she has just fed me.

Lisa's BF contacted me earlier this week and wanted another date with her... He will be coming over around 8 or 9 PM Thursday night and although they've been together many times, I always feel an uncomfortable anxiety before the date.

I position his black cock at the entry to my wife's wet pussy and he begins to slowly work his way inside her.

A few moments latter he is fucking her furiously, I can hear his balls slapping against Lisa's clit, as she moans with each powerful thrust of his BBC.

When he woke, he also woke up Lisa and began to get his last licks in.

He was laying next to her, both of them naked, spooning and soon began penetrating her.Seconds later, She leans back and orgasms powerfully.We can see her shapely body shaking and gently convulsing as she straddles my face.So this clip begins as he tells me lay on my back, Lisa quickly straddles my face, and her bull moves into position behind her to mount her doggy style.His black balls dangle near my face, he instructs me to .I guess I'm happy that she has someone she feels comfortable with and who she trusts, but the thought of my wife giving herself to him so freely can sometimes bring me to the point of feeling nauseous, especially in the hours before they meet.

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