Yahoo news ticker not updating

Fk/pubhtml Design: My excel portfolio workbook has a hyperlink to a web-published google sheet of price quotes. Process to update prices: 1) click hyperlink in excel (webpage with prices loads) 2) Select all 3) copy 4) click excel spreadsheet 5) paste I have the tickers in alphabetical order (in the google sheet), then use vlookup (in excel) to grab the correct price for each holding.

Most other sources you pick will have the same exact issues. But it isn't like you have a signed contract promising an unchanging URL with backwards compatibility forever. Or Google could suddenly do things in a different way that you can't figure out. Most of those kinds of services are targeted at traders and institutions that are willing to pay money.

NASDAQ offers a Data On Demand service that starts at $2,400 a month.

The price for any particular fund or stock will always be in the exact same cell on the sheet, so you can reference that cell in formulas.

I.e., pull the value into whatever cell you want on your original sheet.

If you dig you might find some others that offer a free version like EODData does, though.

Personally, I would fix this if it breaks but not before.What I am looking for is an ALTERNATIVE way to access quotes that doesn't rely on that URL.That Yahoo URL doesn't give me a great deal of confidence that it won't be discontinued or that Yahoo will suddenly do things in a different, undocumented, unsupported, way that I won't be able to figure out.I can no longer find a link on their website so feel exposed. I want to prepare for if and when that URL stops working. There might be keywords that will simply return the 54.77 all by itself. Just follow the directions on the page: The result will be a well-structured page of information exactly as shown in the first image of the tutorial.Just have the imported data go on a separate sheet.Every time I open the spreadsheet the current prices are there.

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